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About Me


Hello, my name is Miles and I am an amateur photographer based on the edge of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England.

When I’m not working (which seems increasingly rare!), I enjoy spending my free time exploring the beautiful countryside of South West England. Photography is the perfect complement to my passion for the outdoors, allowing me to record and share some of the remarkable sights I witness on my frequent hikes. This often involves an overnight wild camp so I can fully appreciate the sunset, dark starry skies and sunrise without having to negotiate difficult terrain in poor light.

This website acts as a portfolio of my favourite photography, as an infrequent photoblog. More importantly, it acts as a central hub for my social networks and published photography.

My Photography

My family always encouraged me to take photographs as a child, buying me several film-based cameras which I used on family walks and holidays. Through my teenage years, I toyed with a 35mm film camera and later several compact digital cameras. However, it was not until moving to Dartmoor in 2008, and buying my second Digital SLR camera – an Olympus E-3 – did my interest in photography truly ignite.

Since then, I have owned several DSLR cameras, from several camera vendors. I started with the Olympus, had a brief fling with a Nikon and have finally settled with Canon. All the cameras had their strengths and weaknesses, and I took great photos with each. However, I am very fond of the ergonomics and sheer robustness of the Canon DSLR cameras – especially useful when hiking the wet and windy moors (see my camera gear).

Like many amateur photographers, I am entirely self-taught. I have learned by reading books and magazines, participating in online photo communities and through sheer dogged persistence – experimenting with as many genres and techniques of photography as I can while learning as much about my cameras as possible.

While at the risk of sounding clichéd, photography has really opened my eyes to the world around me. Looking through a lens, studying the play of light across a landscape or while observing the behaviour of the Dartmoor ponies, has taught me endless patience and further fuelled my desire to understand more about what I am photographing. So when I can’t get outside, I love to study maps, aerial photography (Google Earth) and read about the things I have seen.

If there is one theme running through my photography, it is my endless pursuit of beautiful natural light and shadows. I love how nuances in light can make or break a photograph, instantly changing the mood of whatever I am shooting. This is particularly evident in my photography of woods and forests.

Photography Gear

I am currently shooting with a Canon 7D MKII Digital SLR with several Canon L-series lenses and Lee filters. I also use a Canon EOS-M and Apple iPhone Xs (mostly when I don’t want to carry so much weight on my longer walks).

I almost always shoot in RAW (large unprocessed image files) and post-process my photographs in Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Photoshop on an Apple Mac. While I try and keep editing to a minimum, I do enjoy black and white conversions – although there has to be something exceptional about the photo before I even attempt this.

When funds allow, I would like to pair my Canon 7D with a full-frame body to get better resolution and less camera noise on my landscape photographs.

A Final Word

I am always open to constructive feedback and suggestions. Please do get in touch. if you have any questions, comments or want to collaborate on a photo-shoot

Thanks for reading.