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An infrequent blog featuring random photography from my walks around the South West of England.
Tree Shadows on the East Okement River


A beautiful afternoon in Belstone West Cleave, watching the East Okement River tumbling through the woods. The sunlight, filtering through […]

An Early Autumn Evening on East Hill


The glow from the low sunlight was bathing the hillside in soft-golden light, sending long shadows creeping between the trees […]

Gorse at Sunset


It was a stunning evening today on Dartmoor. Rather than shooting my usual sunset shot, I thought I’d enjoy the […]

A Fern Silhouetted at Sunset


The silhouette of bracken (a coarse fern) silhouetted against the sunset sky.

Bracken Changing Colour


It’s always a beautiful sight seeing the once green swathes of moorland bracken transitioning to its autumn mantle.

A Hawthorn in Bracken


A hawthorn tree laden with red berries and surrounded by autumnal bracken. The tree looked particulary good in the sunset […]

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