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Photographic Portfolio

This portfolio gallery represents a selection of my favourite photography. If you would like to see more examples of my photography, please browse my photoblog.

Morning Sunshine in Abbeyford WoodsLooking over the Devon countryside from Belstone Tor, DartmoorA Moment SharedGatekeeper ButterflyThe Bluebell Carpet in Meldon WoodsA summer evening on Belstone Tor, DartmoorAutumn SunbeamsA Herring Gull Sailing in a Blue SkyA Wall-Eyed Foal, DartmoorWaking up in autumn woodlandSunshine through green Beech LeavesMale ChaffinchA sheep on DartmoorSunlight on a mossy waterfall, DartmoorEvening light on Belstone Tor, DartmoorA Tree Framed and Silhouetted by the SunsetSunrise through autumn Beech leavesA winter morning on DartmoorA Portrait of a Dartmoor PonyRuddy Darter DragonflyBluebells beneath the coppiced treesA green fern in sunlightA misty autumn morning at Petrockstow, DevonA spring evening in Meldon Woods, Devon